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Technology Overview

Development of a New Medicine Used in the Therapy of Uveal Melanoma


Uveal melanoma (UV), a rare but deadly cancer of the eye that often rapidly progresses to the liver is characterized by the expression of the tumor-specific receptors IL-13RA2, which are not detected in normal cells, and which express mainly IL-13RA1. The breakthrough of WPD Pharmaceuticals’ solution will be based on the use of targeted therapy against IL-13RA2 by genetically modified IL-13 conjugated to a cytotoxic load ("Warhead"). Recombinant cytokines preferentially bound to tumor-specific receptors will allow for highly specific targeting of UV cells and their further elimination due to chemically induced intracellular cytotoxic effects. What's more, the planned method of administering the drug directly to the tumor tissue will be an advantage over standard intravenous administration, thanks to which patients may avoid the side effects associated with standard chemotherapy. The Project's result should allow patients access to innovative molecular targeted therapies as an alternative to conventional treatment.

Clinic Development

WPD102 is currently in preclinical development and based on the data obtained from in vitro studies using cancer cell lines, we see significant potential for WPD102 for the treatment of UV in humans. A Phase I clinical trial is expected to begin in 2021-22.

Grants / Funding

In February 2019, WPD started developing an updated scientific program and grant proposal for submission in 2019/2020.


WPD102 has not been submitted for FDA or EMA approval so far.

Partners, Affiliations & License

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is a recognized, fully integrated academic medical center and health system located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

North Carolina Baptist Hospital operates inpatient hospitals, community health centers, health maintenance organization, primary care centers and teaching hospital as a subsidiary of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Clinic of Ophthalmology and Oncology Ophthalmology Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland

WPD owns the exclusive global rights

Market Opportunity

With no other curative options available, we believe WPD102 may have the potential for accelerated approval as a safe and effective therapy for primary UV. Moreover, other types of cancer that will be confirmed as IL-13RA2, could potentially be explored as WPD102 targets.

The expected market size is in excess of $1 Billion.

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